LEBPASS is a new initiative in Lebanon and the Middle East which aims in helping students and graduates make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Lebanon, as well as across the Middle East and Europe, thus facilitating the mobility of both learners and workers.
LEBPASS Project will unite universities, graduates, employers and other stakeholders for the sake of delivering a Diploma Supplement that could translate the qualifications and skills of students and refugees graduated from Lebanese Higher Education institutions.

The Lebanese Diploma Supplement shall be a free readable document (issued in English) and easily comparable abroad with a precise description of students’ academic career and competencies acquired during their studies.


• First country in the region, unifying professional qualifications for major university programs, that can serve also as a benchmark for other HEIs in the region.
• Pioneering platform for students acquired qualification in Lebanon, that can also be integrated with other platforms in the future.
• Raising awareness across Lebanese HEIs, non-partners, to start defining the outcomes of each delivered programs.
• A formula for equivalency between the different adopted credit systems in the region: U.S., ECTS, Egyptian Arab System or others, which has been always debated.
• Removing obstacles to academic and professional mobility due to a lack of transparency.
• A pioneering centre within the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education for program competency and educational objectives validation which will ensure the sustainability of the project.