To encompass the management of the project, the coordination of activities, the communication rules, and financial monitoring

Can be traced across the WPs and activities

Project Management Teams


Roles Responsible Responsibilities
LEBPASS Steering Committee (LSC) One coordinator from each partner institution – Collects, analyzes, and uses relevant information about project progress

– Works closely with the authorities of partner members to ensure the project is implemented correctly

– Is responsible for monitoring, controlling the project progress, and implementing and coordinating the project activities listed in the LFM and workplan.

Advisory Board Committee (ABC) Representatives of the Ministries Education and Higher Education, USEK, and BAU – Guides the project at the policy level, authorizing the necessary services and changes at the government and institutional level and supervises the different activities and tools.

– Is periodically informed about how the project is progressing

– Participates in workshops and other activities within the frame of the project.

Executive Management Unit (EMU) Representatives from USEK administration and various units: Grants & Projects, Provost Office & Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness (QAIE) – Monitoring of the project funding, distribution, collection of supporting documents;

– Liaison with partner coordinators for implementation of project activities and achievement of project results;

– Supervises the adequate implementation of the project regarding the rules of the EC;

– Reports to and liaises with the EACEA.

Quality  Monitoring Team (QMT) Representatives from Evalag & QAIE QMT will be in charge of quality control and monitoring of the project and developed results.
Dissemination and Exploitation Team (DET) Representatives from USEK and AUFDRUE – All other activities related to diffusion and exploitation of the project process and results will be planned and managed by DET

– These activities will involve all consortium members and will be performed during the whole duration of the project.

Platform Technical Committee (PTE) Representatives from EMF and one member from the IT Department of each Lebanese partner institution – Is responsible for the follow-up in the different phases of the LEBPASS platform development

– Is responsible for the purchase of the hardware and software, the customization tasks, the testing of the different modules

– Is responsible for testing the application, identifying the relative defects, and performing the relative enhancements, all as part of the quality assurance of the developed application

– Is responsible for the launching of the platform.