5.1 Drafting the definition of the Diploma Supplement module requirements and selection of the application and equipment providers by the partners co-leading.


EDUBADGES: Broader rationale of establishing SURF edubadges.


5.2 Customizing the Diploma Supplement Module and development of data input tools by the party responsible for the customization based on the requirements provided by the project partners in 5.1.
5.3 Organizing an End users Workshop and manual on the Diploma Supplement module.
5.4 Testing and simulation of the Diploma Supplement Module for pilot year.
5.5 Customizing the CV and Open Badges modules in collaboration with the partners from France AUF and EMF that have extensive experience in these fields.
5.6 Integrating the 3 modules into the platform and simulation for users authentication will be done to offer students access to the platform and generate their LEBPASS.
5.7 Launching of the LEBPASS platform to the public through and event organised for HEIs administrators, students, and professional market representatives, by a campaign for the platform including tutorials, videos, awareness sessions for students, etc…