3.1 Organizing a 5-day workshop co-leaded and hosted by Evalag in Germany on the implementation of the Diploma Supplement principles and form within Higher Education Institutions in Lebanon


Workshop Series Implementation.

 Review Cyprus Workshop.

 Survey FAU Journey.


3.2 Revising the current practices within partner institutions to modify of their current practices to meet with the developed principles.


Implementation of DS: Wrapping Up Our Experiences and Approaches.

Implementation of DS: USEK Experience and Approach.

LAU Diploma Supplement Categries and Formation- LEBPASS.


3.3 Organizing a 5-day workshop offered by the Université Bretagne Sud and Espace Mendès France for end-users on the use of the LEBPASS Platform to generate graduates Diploma Supplement.
3.4 Launching a simulation of the Diploma Supplement on the cohort of Fall 2020, where the users from different Lebanese partners will be collaborating with the partners from WP5 to prepare the setup for each institution.