2.1. Benchmarking diploma supplements best practices in Europe to develop the principles and template form of a Diploma Supplement taking into consideration methods adopted by EU partners and the needs associated with WP1.


Lebanese Qualifications Framework
2.2 Organizing a workshop hosted by the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus on developing principles for generating a Diploma Supplement



LEBPASS Workshop Handbook & Presentations

Workshop Evaluation Survey


2.3 Drafting the National Principles for Generating a Diploma Supplement and the Diploma Supplement Template Form.



Lebanese Diploma Supplement Template


2.4 Arranging a public Roundtable and discussion of outcomes hosted by the MEHE and open for all the universities in Lebanon.



Roundtable Program

Roundtable Presentation


2.5 Developing the final national principles and securing the approval of the National Authority after being sent to EU partners for approval.