➢ Promoting transparency within and between higher education systems
➢ Providing accurate, fair and up-to-date information on an individual’s qualifications
➢ Aiding mobility and access to further study and employment abroad
➢ Providing fair and informed information relating to Lebanese Higher Education System
➢ Facilitating academic and professional recognition and thus increasing the transparency of qualifications


➢ Ensuring sustainable academic programs with clear educational objectives and student outcomes which able to adhere with Diploma supplement requirements
➢ Developing principles for generating a diploma supplement
➢ Creating a rational Platform through which the Diploma Supplement module is integrated
➢ Adopting the Diploma Supplement module by the DGHE, university partners and progressively other universities in Lebanon
➢ Establishing a national centre who shall oversee the Diploma supplement procedures, implementation and sustainability
➢ Promoting awareness of the significance and benefits of Diploma supplement among students, refugees, employers and education providers